Secondary Infertility

Secondary infertility hurts, even when you already have children For many one-time parents, the dream of expanding their family is thwarted by their inability to get pregnant again. Infertility isn’t a problem couples only face the first time they try to conceive. It can affect couples even after they’ve given birth to one or more children. Known as secondary infertility, many couples are baffled, frustrated…

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How Many Embryos Should We Transfer?

Fertility treatments such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) can be complex, oftentimes involving many decisions along the way.  One of the toughest questions couples face is “How many embryos should we transfer?” This is an important qu22estion. Evolving Technology IVF is the process of stimulating the ovaries to produce multiple eggs, which are retrieved, fertilized with sperm, and result in embryos that are then transferred…

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Minimally Invasive Surgery and Fertility

During a fertility evaluation, many women are diagnosed with anatomic problems that make it difficult for them to conceive and deliver a healthy child. These problems may include uterine fibroids, endometrial polyps, uterine septa, and problems with the fallopian tubes.  Thankfully, the vast majority of these issues can be addressed and corrected through minimally invasive surgery. Below are 5 things you should know about minimally…

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Smoking and Fertility: Why You Should Quit

Did you know that smoking cigarettes hurts your fertility? You know that smoking is bad for you – causing lung cancer, heart disease, and other health risks. But did you know that smoking cigarettes hurts your fertility, too? Even women exposed to secondhand smoke can suffer health risks. It takes 30 days for the harmful substances from one cigarette to be cleared from the blood…

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How to Talk about Infertility

When you are trying to conceive, communicating with your family and friends can be difficult and challenging. Even a well-meaning relative may offer suggestions or ask questions that will come across outrageously insensitive to you. Below are some tips for how to talk about infertility with family and friends, if you so choose. Decide how much detail you and your significant other should share. Respect…

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