Semen Analysis and Other Andrology Testing

Your doctor has referred you to our Andrology Laboratory for an evaluation of male fertility potential. The Andrology Laboratory performs semen analysis (sperm counts) and other andrology (sperm) tests Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM by appointment only. To schedule your test, please phone 901-747-2229.

  • You must provide a written test requisition from your physician.
  • You should have intercourse or ejaculate 2-4 days before your test. You should not have intercourse or ejaculate less than 48 hours before your test.
  • To optimize the results of the test, we ask that you collect your semen specimen at our office where we have a private collection room.
  • The semen is obtained by self-stimulation and collected in a sterile container provided by the Andrology Laboratory.

Sperms are living cells that rapidly degrade after ejaculation. Therefore, we strongly recommend you attempt to collect your specimen at our office so that we may process your test immediately in our laboratory. If you are anxious or unwilling to attempt collection in our office, please discuss collection at home with our Andrologist (901-747-2229 ext 111). If you must collect out of the office, an appointment for your test and a written requisition from your doctor are still required. We cannot accept any specimens without an appointment and requisition. The following procedures must be followed to ensure the most reliable analysis for out of office collection.

  • Before your appointment, come to our office and pick up a sterile, collection container to use at home. You must use only this container for semen collection. Do not open it until you are ready to collect your specimen.
  • Again, you should have intercourse or ejaculate 2-4 days before your test. You should not have intercourse or ejaculate less than 48 hours before your test.
  • The semen should be obtained by self-stimulation and ejaculated directly into the container. Try and collect the entire ejaculate. Cover and tighten the lid on the container after collection. You cannot obtain the specimen by intercourse and withdrawal because of problems with contamination. Avoid all lubricants.
  • Write your name, time and date of collection, and last ejaculation date on the label attached to the container. Place the specimen in the bag provided and deliver to our office within 30 minutes of the time you wrote on the container. During transit, the specimen container must not be exposed to extreme heat or cold. A shirt, pant or inside coat pocket are ideal places to carry the container to the office. If you are more than 30 minutes from our office, then you must collect your specimen in the office.
  • Make sure you give the specimen to a member of our staff and that she/he is aware that it is a specimen for andrology testing. Do not leave the specimen on the counter.

The charge for a routine semen analysis is $215.

Charges for other tests can be provided upon request. To obtain your test, full payment must be made at the time of your appointment. We will provide you with a receipt to file charges with your insurance company. Your physician will be sent a copy of the results within two weeks. We regret that Memphis Fertility Laboratory cannot release test results to patients or their family members.

Please direct questions to our Andrologist or Laboratory Director.