Fertility Associates of Memphis is proud to offer one of the nation’s leading fresh and frozen egg donation programs.

Our practice has helped to coordinate egg donors and recipients for years through our internal egg donor program, and we continue to provide this service in the case of “known” or “designated” donors.

And thanks to a partnership with Donor Egg Bank USA, a network of more than 20 contributing fertility practices across the country, our patients now have fast access to a national pool of frozen donor eggs for in vitro fertilization (IVF). Donor Egg Bank USA differs from most programs in that the pre-screened donors have already had their eggs frozen and are ready to be shipped.  Strict quality control measures are in place to assure state-of-the art techniques for cryopreserving, shipping, and warming up the oocytes (eggs).

Fertility Associates of Memphis is the only fertility clinic in the Mid-South to offer this fertility treatment option.

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The video below discusses how our patients can find the perfect match through Donor Egg Bank USA: