Patients: Your Safety Is of Utmost Concern                                   

Fertility Associates of Memphis and Memphis Fertility Laboratory are committed to keeping all our patients and our staff healthy. We are taking multiple measures to reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure to both our patients and employees. It is our goal for everyone to remain safe and healthy so that we can continue to provide fertility services to all our patients.

To show our efforts in keeping our patients and staff safe, we are sharing, the strategies our office uses to reduce potential exposure to any infectious diseases.

  1. Our staff receive extensive, on going and annual training in the areas of infection control, universal precautions, personal protective equipment usage, and OSHA standards. This training is required by all staff.
  2. Hand washing and sanitizing stations are available and accessible throughout the office and clinical areas for patient and staff use. We have added more sanitizing stations and have added a hand washing station in our clinic area.
  3. Patient and non-patient areas are cleaned and disinfected throughout the day.

Our commitment to the safety of patients and staff along with our goal to reduce risks of potential exposure to COVID-19 resulted in enhancement of our existing safety strategies and implementation of new strategies tailored specifically to COVID-19. We feel it is necessary to share these strategies as well.

  1. Staff use of personal protective equipment including facemasks and face shields are not limited to use while providing direct patient care but incorporated in daily uniform attire worn at all times.
  2. To honor social distancing recommendations and allow patients a more individualized experience we are limiting the number of patients and guests in the clinic.
  3. Beginning July 6, 2021 visits are limited to patients and one guest only.
  4. Seating in the lobby has transitioned to a socially distanced atmosphere allowing adequate space between seating.
  5. We have enhanced our cleaning and disinfecting protocols by using EPA approved products proven to eliminate human coronavirus along with many other infectious diseases.
  6. Maintaining the health and safety of patients, guests and staff members requires all staff receive a thorough health screen prior to office entry. Our health screen includes but is not limited to the following: inquiring if staff has fever, cough, shortness of breath, recent travel to high-risk areas, exposure to infected or potentially infected person and measure of temperature.

Patient Office Visits

  1. All patients and guests will be screened for any symptoms of sickness, fever, cough, recent travel to high-risk areas and exposure to infected person(s) or person(s) suspected of being infected. Patient health screens are documented and securely stored in their medical record. If a patient fails, their health screening we will not allow clinic entry and their appointment canceled. Patients are encouraged to contact our office to reschedule their appointment and/or establish an alternative method of treatment.
  2. We now require all patients and guests visiting our office to wear a facemask or face covering. A facemask is preferred.
  3. If possible, new patients will have sonograms and blood work done at the same visit, consolidating multiple visits into one.
  4. Patients coming to our office for early morning treatment or prior to 9:00a.m. for sonogram and/or phlebotomy services will be scheduled at a dedicated time. Allowing patients to be treated based on the order of arrival has been eliminated and is not an option at this time.
  5. If a patient is sick, we ask they please stay home and DO NOT come to the office. We request those patients contact us by phone at 901-747-2229 and we will find an alternative way to best take care of your needs. Appointments can be rescheduled at patient convenience.
  6. Pregnancy visits are essential and enable sonograms and blood work to be performed. The patient and patient guest will be allowed to attend scheduled visits. To support health and safety of both patients and our staff we have transitioned our waiting area to adhere to social distancing recommendations. Due to a limited number of people allowed in our office, visits require a scheduled appointment.
  7. Patients coming to our office for sonograms and/or blood work must be scheduled. A limited number of people will be allowed in the office at the same time; thus, we are requiring all visits have an appointment. Patients coming for sonogram and/or bloodwork are no longer being seen based on the order of arrival. All patients require an appointment.
  8. Patients scheduled for a procedure in an outpatient setting (East Memphis Surgery Center or Methodist Germantown Surgery Center) must have a negative COVID-19 test result or proof of COVID Vaccine. COVID-19 testing must take place in a recommended lab within 2-5 days prior to scheduled procedure date (based on each center’s rules). Procedures include but are not limited to: gynecological surgery, oocyte (egg) retrieval, or embryo transfer.
  9. All patients receive information about the known and unknown risks of COVID-19 and have an opportunity to ask questions. Detailed information is available on our website under “infectious diseases” with links to the CDC. Patient understanding of both known and unknown risks of COVID-19 is extremely important. All patients are provided a consent tailored to information regarding COVID-19 and are required to acknowledge and attest to receipt, understanding and ability to ask questions by formally signing the consent provided.

At Fertility Associates of Memphis and Memphis Fertility Laboratory we share the goal of reducing transmission of infectious diseases. Our team is committed to only coming to work if they are completely well. It is our hope patients are equally committed by only presenting for appointments if they are completely well.

We appreciate the support and understanding from our patients while we work to provide the best care possible during this time. We are continually monitoring updates related to COVID-19 and will communicate any changes to our patients as quickly as possible.


Fertility Associates of Memphis

Memphis Fertility Laboratory