William Kutteh, M.D., teaches an ASRM course about preclinical pregnancy loss

William Kutteh, M.D., teaches an ASRM course about preclinical pregnancy lossThe American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) hosts an annual meeting to allow fertility specialists to learn about new developments in the field. Dr. Kutteh, a recognized expert on the topic of preclinical pregnancy loss, will be teaching an ASRM 2017 pre-congress course on this subject. Our Memphis fertility specialist will share his clinical and research knowledge with his peers to help reduce pregnancy loss rates. Over 7000 delegates from around the world will attend the meeting.

“It is important to take steps to understand and prevent preclinical pregnancy loss which is generally considered to be a loss that occurs before the ultrasound is able to detect a baby. Some scientists may not view a preclinical loss as an actual pregnancy loss, but it is very much a loss to our patients. Our goal as a team of fertility specialists is to help our patients reduce pregnancy loss and have healthy babies,” Dr. Kutteh said.

Educating fertility specialists about preclinical pregnancy loss

As the course director of “Etiology, Implication, and Management of Preclinical Loss”, Dr. Kutteh developed the course to inform fertility specialists about the causes of implantation failure and early pregnancy loss. During this all-day course, our Memphis fertility specialist will provide the course introduction and discuss immunologic and lifestyle factors that impact implantation and preclinical loss. Other speakers include Bruce Lessey, M.D. who specializes in endometrial receptivity, Mary Stephenson, M.D. who specializes in early pregnancy failure, and Marius Meintjes, Ph.D. who specializes in laboratory factors that reduce implantation.

“This course gives fertility specialists the opportunity to learn more about the causes of preclinical and early pregnancy loss. By understanding what causes a loss, physicians and laboratory staff can work together to reduce pregnancy loss and increase live birth rates for our patients,” Dr. Kutteh said.

Genetic screening can help prevent pregnancy loss

Preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) and preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) are two additional topics that the course will cover. “Genetic testing in reproductive medicine is another tool that fertility specialists and embryologists can use to help patients reduce pregnancy loss,” Dr. Kutteh said.

Using PGS and PGD before embryo transfer can identify chromosomal abnormalities in embryos that can lead to a pregnancy loss. “By identifying aneuploid embryos before transfer, patients may reduce the occurrence of a pregnancy loss caused by chromosomal abnormalities.”

If you have suffered from pregnancy loss, contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our Memphis fertility specialists. The team at Fertility Associates of Memphis includes Dr. Ray Ke, Dr. Paul Brezina, and Dr. Amelia Bailey. At your first appointment, we hope you will see the difference that compassionate care and leading-edge technology can make in your treatment.

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