Fertility Associates of Memphis offers advice for traveling during fertility treatment

Traveling during fertility treatmentAs the weather warms and the days get longer, many people begin planning trips to head out for the beach, take in the mountain scenery or trek across Europe. The specialists at our Memphis fertility center understand the need for mental and physical relaxation, especially because of the stress created by infertility. Our goal is to help patients achieve their vacation plans without disrupting their fertility treatment course.

Understanding the roller coaster of infertility

Trying to have a baby and not succeeding can put a strain on both partners. The frustration, physical discomfort and emotional disappointment can take a toll on you and your relationship. Even with a great support system, you may decide you need some time away to regroup. Often, summer vacations offer you a chance to return refreshed and revitalized.

Fertility Associates of Memphis highlights 3 tips for traveling during fertility treatment

As you plan your getaway, think about the impact on your treatment schedule. If you and your partner have decided to take a trip this summer, we offer the following suggestions:

  1. Plan ahead. Work with your IVF team to schedule your travel during the optimal time in your cycle so that you won’t miss important sonograms or blood draws.
  2. Carefully pack medication. If you are taking oral medications or receiving injections, make sure to place these items in your carry-on luggage to ensure that they don’t get lost or inadvertently re-routed.
  3. Consider taking a cycle off. If you really want to enjoy your vacation, discuss with your physician the possibility of delaying your next cycle until after you return.

Receive quality care from our Memphis Fertility Center

For patients struggling to conceive, a vacation may offer a much-needed break from the rigors of fertility treatment. We will work with you to adjust your schedule and provide recommendations to keep your long-term family plans on track while you are traveling during fertility treatment. Call our office with any questions or to schedule a consultation appointment.


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