Hot summer days in Memphis are the perfect time to remind men about the effects of heat on male fertility

effects of heat on male fertility Did you know that sperm are sensitive to high temperatures? Testicles are located outside of the human body because the ideal temperature for sperm production, and thus for male fertility, is about three to four degrees below the ideal human body temperature of 98.6°F. In Memphis, the average temperature in August is 91°F.

While no one can entirely avoid the high temperatures outside, you can avoid the things that have been shown to contribute to male fertility problems. We asked our Memphis fertility specialists to comment on the correlation between heat and sperm health.

To promote male fertility, avoid these 5 red-hot situations 

  1. Avoid spending prolonged periods of time in hot tubs and/or Jacuzzis.

Sitting and soaking in hot water, usually about 102 to 104°F for a hot tub, will raise the body temperature, which can have a negative effect on male fertility.

  1. Don’t wear tight-fitting pants or underwear.

When you wear tight jeans, pants or briefs, you’re putting your scrotum in snug quarters that can trap heat in the testicles, and that is particularly true during the hot summer months when you may already be overheated. Wear boxers or loose pants made from natural fiber like cotton.

  1. Do not sit for long periods of time without getting up.

Sitting, whether for work, for long driving trips, or just to watch television, can also trap heat around the scrotum, which is not beneficial for male fertility. Take breaks to stand and walk around.

  1. Avoid prolonged bike rides, especially in the heat.

Tight biking shorts, combined with long periods of sitting on a bike seat, may cause friction and pressure on the testicles. This can cause the testicles to become overheated, too. Men should wear loose shorts and take shorter bike rides or take breaks during longer rides.

  1. Don’t put a laptop computer directly on your lap for long periods of time.

The battery on laptop computers can produce quite a bit of heat. It’s best to place your laptop on a desk or table instead of on your lap.

Have fun this summer, but remember to make it a good season in every way by avoiding things that create too much heat and affect male fertility. To learn more about optimizing male fertility, contact us at Fertility Associates of Memphis.

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