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Memphis fertility specialist Dr. William Kutteh moderates debate at #ASRM2015

Dr. William Kutteh, known throughout the world for his work on recurrent miscarriage, joined a global conversation about the best approaches to optimizing pregnancy in couples with a history of miscarriage. Fertility specialists from the U.S. and abroad attended the American Society for Reproductive Medicine annual meeting in Baltimore this month. This marked more than 30 years that Dr. Kutteh has participated in ASRM, and…

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Fertility Memphis Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

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Dr. William Kutteh Leads International Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Symposium

Dr. William Kutteh, Director of the Center for the Study of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss at Fertility Associates of Memphis, served as the featured faculty member at the Montreal Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Symposium, held October 3, 2014. The one day conference brought together renowned clinicians from across the globe with expertise in genetics, immunology, uterine anomalies, infectious diseases, endocrinological problems, and other causes of Recurrent Pregnancy…

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Dr. William Kutteh Featured on Good Morning Memphis

To kick off National Infertility Awareness Week on April 21, Dr. William Kutteh joined the Health Watch segment of Fox 13’s Good Morning Memphis show. Dr. Kutteh said it’s important to call attention to fertility problems this week, citing that one in six reproductive age couples in the U.S. are affected with fertility issues.

Dr. Kutteh Featured in Memphis Health + Fitness Magazine, Discusses Ovarian Cancer

Dr. William Kutteh was interviewed in Memphis Health + Fitness magazine’s October 2013 cover feature, which focused on cancer in an article called “Real Steel: One Woman’s Story.” In the cover feature, Dr. Kutteh discusses ovarian cancer warning signs and risks with local writer Robin Beaudoin. Dr. Kutteh said one in 72 women will develop ovarian cancer in her lifetime. It is the tenth most…

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