I would like to pass on our success story working with Dr. Kutteh.  It is because of him, we have the family we have always dreamed of!

My husband, Christian, and I knew that we always wanted children.  I was so excited to get our first positive pregnancy test on January 12, 2012!  That feeling of excitement was short lived as I started bleeding two weeks later and was told that I was miscarrying.  We were heartbroken, but my doctor told me that miscarrying your first pregnancy was quite common and most likely our second try would be successful.

On August 12, exactly seven months later, we had our second positive pregnancy test.  I was confident that this was it, this would be the baby I would hold in my arms!  Unfortunately, my confidence was shattered when the ultrasound showed a very low heart beat and we were told to come back the next week for a follow up ultrasound.  That very next appointment, on September 6 there was no heartbeat.  My second miscarriage.

Shortly after my second miscarriage, we unexpectedly got pregnant a third time.  Three times a charm, right?!  Well, not in this case.  Again, a low heart beat followed by an appointment with no heart beat.  This was my third D&C, my third miscarriage, all around ten weeks, all in one year.

We were losing hope.  My obstetrician ordered many other tests and ultrasounds and directed me to Nashville Fertility Clinic.  The specialists at NFC couldn’t find anything wrong with Christian or me, was it really bad luck three times in a row? I started Clomid and had my fourth positive pregnancy test on February 22, 2013.  This was it, I knew it!  Then It started happening again, the familiar ultrasound showing a low heart beat week after week until there was no heart beat.  My fourth pregnancy was over, my fourth miscarriage.

Julian Christian Weber

Julian Christian Weber

On the verge of losing all hope, the doctors at NFC gave us two choices.  Option one, IVF, which we struggled with knowing that we got pregnant so easily.  Option two, recommended that we travel to Memphis from Nashville to visit Dr. Kutteh, as he has been known to help women suffering from unexplained multiple miscarriages.  Knowing we had nothing to lose, Christian and I made the trip to Memphis to meet with Dr. Kutteh.  From the second we met Dr. Kutteh, we immediately felt comfortable.  He spent over an hour with us, hearing our story and gathering all the details of my four losses and the numerous tests I have had.  While in the office, I had a 3D ultrasound where Dr. Kutteh noted that my uterus was heart shaped, and although not a large septum, it was worth looking into.  Something that no other doctor had done for me.  Although reluctant to go in for another surgery after four D&Cs, I scheduled the hysteroscopy with Dr. Kutteh, willing to try anything to lead to a successful pregnancy.  The surgery was a success.  As it turns out, my uterine septum was larger than we originally thought.  Knowing that this could have restricted the blood flow to the developing fetus, I was hopeful that this was our answer.

Three months after the hysteroscopy, Christian and I had our fifth positive pregnancy test.  We were excited and scared at the same time.  When we had our first ultrasound and there was a strong heart beat, we cried tears of joy!  I had a wonderful, full term pregnancy.  Julian Christian Weber was born on May 22, 2014…our healthy and happy baby was finally here!

Christian and I firmly believe that we would not have Julian if it were not for Dr. Kutteh.  He took the time to get to know us, know my history and think outside of the box on what could have caused these four miscarriages.  Thank you Dr. Kutteh and Fertility Associates of Memphis for giving us the greatest gift…our son.

Kristin Goranson-Weber

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