Dr. Paul Brezina with Fertility Associates of Memphis recently spoke to Fox 13 about fertility care in Tennessee and the coverage that’s needed in hopes of progressing the state’s health care.

In the news segment, Dr. Brezina encourages people to write their state legislators about providing coverage for IVF treatments. He told Fox 13 that nationally, a bill called The Family Act was put on the table in May this year, proposing to offer a $12,000 credit for IVF to those who qualify. He said, “That would actually help cover, significantly, the cost of fertility treatments, so we really encourage people to get in touch with their congressmen, get in touch with their legislators and try to push this legislation from a grassroots sort of base.”

The segment originally aired on Thursday, Aug. 15, 2013.

To view the video, visit: http://youtu.be/udSPMGvT4A8

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