Dear Dr. Kutteh,

We would like to personally Thank You and your team for taking good care of us.

We appreciated your straight forward answers and recommendation. As you know there are lots of emotions involved in the process, but you gave us the facts and your recommendations. Because of that we could build confidence in you. We are glad that Dr. Mann recommended you.

We were impressed by the professionalism and back-office staff. They have been helpful and responsive. To quote a few examples, it has never happened that the member of the hospital staff said that they will call back and we did not get a call back. We always got the answer which we were looking for.

Initially, we thought that why so much of waiting time for consultation. But later in the process we realized that your staff prioritize persons based on the stage they are in the program. (Like 7:30/8 am appointments are fixed for blood tests for next stages)

During IVF process, all the staff kept us updated at each stage. This is really very helpful as we had lot of things going on; but the staff kept us informed. We want to specially thank nurse Michelle. She never got irritated with our so many questions during the process. We were hesitant few times to ask, but she made us comfortable so that we could ask all our stupid questions.

We are looking forward for our baby due in June 2018. We will share pictures with all of you.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday to all of you.

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