If the chances for success with one embryo transfer are good, wouldn’t it make sense to “up the odds” with a second or even a third embryo that cycle? Your fertility specialist will explain why we favor quality over quantity and the growing body of evidence for single embryo transfer.

single embryo transferIt’s more common than ever for men and women to choose to have just one embryo transferred during an IVF cycle. Fertility Associates of Memphis educates patients about the benefits of elective single embryo transfer, or eSET.

Of course, we want to increase your IVF success rate, but we always prioritize your overall health and wellness. The risks to the mother and the babies increase with twins and higher order multiple births (triplets, quads, etc.).

Single embryo transfer nearly eliminates multiple births

Today’s newer methods help us identify the strongest candidates for transfer; fertility specialists can now use time-lapse photography to watch an embryo grow in the IVF lab. Plus, studies now support the theory that pregnancy rates were about the same for women who had one embryo transferred as opposed to more than one.

There has been a 75 percent increase in the number of twins born since 1980, with more IVF cycles and fertility medications contributing to the totals. With single embryo transfer, we can help you avoid carrying a high-risk pregnancy.

  • Multiples tend to be born earlier and smaller, with associated health risks such as developmental delays and respiratory distress.
  • Mothers who carry multiples are at increased risk for having a C-section and pregnancy complications.

You might be a good candidate for single embryo transfer if you are younger than 35 and have good quality eggs and embryos. Want to know more? Watch this video from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine educational series: http://www.reproductivefacts.org/Templates/Video.aspx?id=13228

Since 2003, our Memphis fertility center has guided men and women through infertility, providing the very latest techniques for optimizing success. We will not recommend eSET for everyone, but it’s a good option to explore well before decision time in an IVF cycle.

Contact our helpful patient coordinators to arrange for a consultation at our Memphis fertility center.

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