After losing another pregnancy, what’s next in recurrent miscarriage intervention?

Fertility specialists from the U.S. and abroad attended the American Society for Reproductive Medicine annual meeting in Baltimore this past fall. One of the topics that they addressed, recurrent miscarriage, is a specialty area for Dr. William Kutteh. He and fellow physicians debated the efficacy of Day 3 or Day 5 PGS to help couples avoid another pregnancy loss.

The interactive debate posed this question: Is in vitro fertilization/preimplantation genetic screening useful for recurrent pregnancy loss? Dr. Kutteh took the stance that, yes, PGS is helpful for some patients. He also emphasized that a wait-and-see approach can be difficult for patients to accept, but effective in some cases.

Our Memphis fertility center offers supportive care for recurrent miscarriage

Dr. Kutteh says that there are not always physical or anatomical reasons for failed miscarriages. “Should we take that fertile couple and put them through IVF … and then put them through PGS to find an embryo to transfer? Two-thirds of people said that is what they would do,” says Dr. Kutteh.

Waiting for positive results after recurrent pregnancy loss

Some studies show that excessive worrying about recurrent miscarriage can negatively affect pregnancy outcomes. For this reason, Fertility Associates of Memphis incorporates supportive care for recurrent miscarriage to reassure patients and bolster uterine receptivity.

  • 24-hour access to a physician
  • Progesterone support via vaginal delivery
  • Early hCG and FCG monitoring
  • Ongoing early ultrasounds

“We reassure patients that even with a history of recurrent miscarriage, when the first ultrasound shows a normal heart rate, a well developed gestational sac and steadily climbing serum hCG levels, there is a 70% chance for successful pregnancy.”

The team at our Memphis fertility center was well represented at ASRM by Drs. Kutteh, Brezina and XX, and will continue to collaborate on research and IVF lab advances. In fact, Dr. Kutteh was invited to speak on recurrent miscarriage at the upcoming ESHRE annual meeting in Helsinki, Finland.

If you have suffered from recurrent miscarriage, contact us at Fertility Associates of Memphis to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kutteh.

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