Another Valentine’s Day is almost here – a day of love, Cupid, and all things hearts and arrows. If you and your partner are struggling with infertility during this holiday, romance may seem like it has flown out the window with all of the stresses you’ve faced.

The pressure to make Valentine’s Day all about sex and romance can feel daunting, especially if you have your baby-making scheduled down to the minute, and trying to conceive is all you can think about. Of course, if you’re taking fertility drugs, you could also be dealing with symptoms like bloating from IVF injectable medicine or hot flashes from Clomid.

The good news is that no matter where you are in your infertility journey, there are ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day. Here are some tips for reconnecting with your significant other this Valentine’s Day, and perhaps even rekindling a little passion in the process.

Tips to reconnect when you’re facing Valentine’s Day and infertility:

1. Unlike other holidays that focus more on families or children, Valentine’s Day celebrates couples. Use this time to do something special with just the two of you. Focus on the aspects of the other person that you love and make it an essential part of treatment to have fun together.

2. If you decide to go out, pick a place that won’t be teaming with young children. This should be fairly easy, since this is one of the few nights that most parents will leave their little ones home with a sitter.

3. Get creative and try something new – a new restaurant, a lighthearted movie or show, maybe even ice skating or roller skating? Look back to things you enjoyed doing when you first started dating. The experience just may rejuvenate you.

4. If you stay in and want to be romantic, that’s great – but don’t pressure yourself. Enjoy an indoor picnic and shape your sandwiches into hearts. When was the last time you watched your wedding video or looked at photo albums? Unwind together.

5. Do you have an injection to take tonight? Pretend this once that Cupid’s arrow is the syringe.

For those of you going through infertility treatment,  let Valentine’s Day be a helpful reminder that beneath all the injections, ultrasound scans, office visits, and blood work, there is an “us” that can be so easily overlooked. The best gift you can give each other is support.

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