Drs. Kutteh, Ke and FAM Staff,

We figured you get a lot of baby pics so Kristy and I wanted to send you one of our 3 year old girls on the anniversary of their conception.  Kristy and I met at the clinic during our IVF cycles.  We were on the same schedule so we always saw each other during each blood draw and ultrasounds leading up to transfer. We became fast friends and were thrilled we were transferring on the same morning. We were even more
thrilled when we both found out our cycles were successful and we were both having girls.  At the reunion last year, Dr. Ding laughingly commented he made all girl babies that day.

Kristy and her husband were blessed with twins and we were blessed with a daughter.  These three girls have literally been together since the beginning when they were conceived in the lab.  They are best friends and play together almost weekly. When I see them all together I am oftentimes overcome with emotion how the difficult journey of infertility led not only to these three perfect miracles but to everlasting friendships.

We are so thankful to the entire team at FAM for the blessings we have received and the creation of not only two families but lifelong friends.  We look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion next year!


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