Surgery Scheduling

Our staff will schedule your surgery and preauthorize the procedure with your insurance company. Please be advised that pre-authorization does not ensure payment. Please contact your insurance company to determine if your insurance pays for your planned surgery.  Procedures that are pre-authorized but not covered will be the patient’s responsibility.

After your surgery is scheduled, we will inform you about the portion of the surgery fee for which you will be responsible to pay as determined by the terms of your insurance policy. This payment is due two (2) weeks prior to the date of surgery.

Post-Op Visits / Return Visits/ Annual Exams

Your post-operative visit will be scheduled at the time of your surgery.  This visit is designed to ensure that you are healing normally after your surgery and will be performed by one of our registered nurses. Return visits to discuss plans for additional treatment for fertility concerns should be scheduled as an office visit. In general, your Ob/Gyn or referring physician should perform your annual exam.