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Online resources for support, news and information while you are trying to get pregnant

In addition to consulting with Dr. William Kutteh, Dr. Raymond W. Ke, Dr. Paul Brezina, and Dr. Amelia Bailey, the reproductive endocrinologists at Fertility Associates of Memphis, our fertility clinic provides a number of online resources and guides for understanding infertility issues, recurrent pregnancy loss and reproductive health issues.

As you progress from diagnosis to fertility treatment, your clinical care team will equip you for each stage by providing materials to help you weigh your options, and fully understand what to expect during treatment. Fertility Associates of Memphis has developed its own collateral materials, based on decades of experience in providing infertility patient care.

Guides from ASRM & Fertility Associates of Memphis

Fertility Drug Injection Training

We understand that the idea of self-administering injections, or administering injections to a loved one, will cause some anxiety. We will help you meet this challenge with one-on-one guided practice on an orange, as well as injection training videos to watch at home.

Educational Videos

You have a vested interest in learning about common infertility terms, medical advances and research breakthroughs. Fertility Associates of Memphis has an extensive selection of online video resources to bring you up to speed so you can fully engage in conversations about your fertility treatment plan.

Online Resources

The reproductive endocrinologists at Fertility Associates of Memphis specialize in clarifying the complex for men and women facing infertility. Our fertility specialists and clinical care team happily address your questions, and encourage you to research causes of infertility and fertility treatment options on your own as well. The internet provides a wealth of materials, but take care to verify web-based medical sources. The site you visit should clearly identify the source, funding, and timeliness of information.

For your convenience, Fertility Associates of Memphis provides a list of online resources that our fertility specialists and patients find helpful.

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