French philosopher Jean de La Bruyere once said, “Out of difficulties grow miracles.” Our Memphis fertility specialists often comment on how incredible it is to practice reproductive medicine in an age of innovation. What seems like a miracle to a couple experiencing infertility is really just the effective application of leading-edge medical treatments.

Dr. Raymond Ke will discuss how to overcome obstacles to a family and the latest infertility treatment breakthroughs during an upcoming free seminar at our Memphis fertility center.

Hopelessly Infertile: Are There Any Miracles?   

Couples are invited to attend the educational seminar to learn more about fertility treatments that were not available just a few years ago. From egg freezing technology to time-lapse photography to assess embryo development, options now exist to improve upon time-tested IVF and IUI and create new opportunities for fertility preservation and fertility restoration.

Fertility SeminarThe interactive session about infertility treatment options takes place at our Memphis fertility center:

Thursday, Oct. 15

6 to 7 p.m.

80 Humphreys Center, 3rd Floor

Memphis, TN 38120

This is part of an ongoing effort to raise awareness and provide answers to common questions, such as: Why can’t I get pregnant? When should I see a fertility specialist? How do I interpret IVF success rates? What are my treatment options and progressions?

Ask Best Doctor Dr. Ke Your Toughest Question: Why Can’t I Get Pregnant?

Dr. Ke is dual board certified as a reproductive endocrinologist and obgyn. He serves as director of in vitro fertilization services here at our Memphis fertility center. He is a leading authority in reproductive medicine and can address your concerns as a clinical physician, infertility researcher, laboratory scientist and father of three children.

“Every positive pregnancy test seems like a miracle, but for many couples it is the result of proactively seeking help and finding a fertility specialist who intuitively treats the underlying cause,” says Dr Ke. “Dr. Kutteh and I founded our practice to provide answers, effective treatments and, of course, hope.”

Seating is limited, so please RSVP to

Contact us at Fertility Associates of Memphis for a private consultation with Dr. Ke, or our experienced reproductive endocrinologists, Dr. Paul Brezina, Dr. Amelia Bailey and Dr. William Kutteh.

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