Embryo Freezing: Will I have Embryos to Cryopreserve?

When any ART procedure is done, there may be more embryos obtained than are normally transferred. Couples can then elect to use embryo freezing or cryopreserved to store these extra embryos. Later, when another pregnancy is desired, these frozen embryos can be thawed and transferred into the uterus without having to undergo ovarian stimulation and the surgical procedures necessary for IVF. If pregnancy does not occur, a frozen embryo offers a couple another chance to conceive without undergoing another complete ART procedure.

Factors for Embryo Freezing

There are many factors that will determine whether a couple will have embryos to freeze,including the

  • number of antral follicles
  • initial FSH and AMH levels
  • quality of embryo growth and development.

On average, approximately half of women under age 35 will have at least one embryo to freeze.