New Fertility Treatment Option Available to Couples in Mid-South


Fertility Associates of Memphis today announced a new partnership with Donor Egg Bank USA, a network of more than 20 contributing fertility practices across the country. Through this partnership, patients will have fast access to a national pool of frozen donor eggs for in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Fertility Associates of Memphis is the only fertility clinic in the Mid-South to offer this fertility treatment option.

Fertility Associates of Memphis has helped to coordinate egg donors and recipients for years through its internal egg donor program and continues to provide this service in the case of “known” or “designated” donors. Donor Egg Bank USA differs from most programs in that the pre-screened donors have already had their eggs frozen and are ready to be shipped.  Strict quality control measures are in place to assure state-of-the art techniques for cryopreserving, shipping, and warming up the oocytes (eggs).

Dr. William Kutteh, director of Fertility Associates of Memphis, said, “There are major advantages of this program for our patients. First, the pool of available donors is expanded tenfold.  Second, the delay often encountered in coordinating the schedule of the fresh donor with the recipient couple is eliminated. Finally, the cost of participating in the donor egg program is reduced by about 20%, making this a much more affordable option. We are excited about our new partnership with Donor Egg Bank USA and the increased fertility options available to our patients.”

For some women, having their own biological child is either extremely unlikely or virtually impossible, even with assisted reproductive technologies. For couples in this situation, using eggs from a young, healthy woman offers an exceedingly good chance of achieving pregnancy, often higher than 50%.

For more information about finding the right egg donor, read more about donor oocytes (eggs).

For more information about becoming an egg donor and to determine if you are eligible, learn more here.

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