Providing Patients with Answers After Recurrent Pregnancy Loss  Podcast  

Dr. WWilliam Kutteh, M.D., teaches an ASRM course about preclinical pregnancy lossilliam Kutteh, recognized expert on the topic of recurrent pregnancy loss, was recently featured in a ReachMD podcast discussing recurrent pregnancy loss and factors leading to recurrent pregnancy loss. The podcast discloses an estimated 500,000 or 15-25% of pregnancies result in miscarriage every year ultimately provoking emotional distress and grief for many couples. Couples look to their physician/clinician for answers explaining why their pregnancy resulted in loss and how to prevent future loss.  Dr. Kutteh: “I think the greatest joy as a physician is to be able to provide an answer to your patient when they come to you with a problem. In this case, recurrent miscarriage”.  Dr. William Kutteh discusses new methods, technologies and strategies helping clinicians better understand how to counsel patients, enhance abilities comforting patients and ultimately guide patients to successful and health conception.

The podcast was presented on August 15, 2019 and can be streamed via computer, phone, tablet or ipod at




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