The Reproductive Endocrinologists at Kutteh Ke Fertility Associates of Memphis have helped thousands of couples start their families. The inability to conceive naturally, which affects 15 percent of couples, can result in intense feelings of anger, anxiety and frustration.Many couples overcome infertility with surgery or medications that correct ovulatory (egg releasing) problems. These therapies are not always successful and more specialized treatment may be required.

These innovative therapies are collectively referred to as Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART). We are composed of fertility specialists who have completed fellowship training in both infertility and reproductive endocrinology. In addition, we are currently the only board-certified Reproductive Endocrinologists in the Mid-South who offer all types of ART procedures.

What are Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART)?

ART procedures are fertility therapies in which a woman’s oocytes (eggs) and man’s sperm are retrieved and combined outside their bodies to increase the chance of pregnancy. Usually ART procedures begin with ovulation drugs, also known as “fertility drugs.” These medications are used to stimulate the ovaries to produce several mature eggs rather than the single egg during normal ovulation. The eggs are produced in small cysts within the ovary called follicles. The follicles can then be aspirated by a minor surgical procedure through the vagina using an ultrasound-guided needle.

What is In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)?

In vitro fertilization (IVF) involves collecting eggs and sperm from a couple and placing them together in a laboratory dish to fertilize outside the body, or in vitro. The fertilized eggs (embryos or blastocysts) are then transferred several days later into the womb or uterus. After embryo transfer (ET), implantation and embryo development occur just as in a normal pregnancy.

What are the Complications or Risks with ART?

ART procedures carry certain risks. The couple undergoing ART is at risk for multiple births (twins, triplets, etc.). The overall risk for multiple births is approximately 15-30% for couples who conceive. The vast majority of those multiple births will be twins. Ovulation induction also carries a slight risk of hyperstimulation syndrome where the ovaries become swollen and painful. In severe cases, hospitalization is required.

What are the Success Rates of ART?

The specialists at Fertility Associates of Memphis have consistently outpaced national averages for success rates in all forms of ART procedures. Success rates vary widely at different clinics and can be somewhat confusing. Make sure you understand how the rates (or percentages) are calculated and make sure the rates are applicable to you. A comparison of success rates between different clinics may not be meaningful because patient medical characteristics and treatment approaches vary from clinic to clinic. Please discuss your individual prognosis with your provider before starting therapy.

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What Does ART Cost?

Some ART procedures can be expensive and vary among IVF centers. Insurance coverage varies widely. You should consult with your specific plan to find out if coverage is offered. We will be happy to provide an estimated cost analysis of each procedure.

Who Do I Contact for ART?

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