How Does the Egg Donor Process Work?

An egg, as seen from a microscope

Women interested in becoming egg donors generally have as their primary motivation an intense desire to help couples struggling with infertility and unable to have a family. Upon completion of the egg retrieval procedure, the egg donor will be compensated for her time.

Obtaining eggs from young, healthy women requires many of the same steps involved with an in vitro fertilization procedure. Young women who are donating their eggs generally undergo a psychological and detailed medical evaluation to document that there are no problems. Then, donors undergo  several weeks of hormonal treatments, which involve injectible medicines that cause their ovaries to produce many eggs. After this treatment process, which is closely monitored, the eggs are obtained through a minor outpatient retrieval procedure that requires only moderate sedation and no incision. Following this, women can generally go back to resuming their ordinary activities.

The eggs are then fertilized with the sperm from the male partner of the donor recipient, which result in embryos. These embryos are grown in lab culture for about five days, at which point they’re put into the recipient’s uterus. Any excess embryos are usually frozen for use in future cycles. The individual donating eggs relinquishes all parental rights to the child or children that result from these pregnancies.

How Do I Become an Egg Donor?

Thank you for your interest in the Egg Donor Program at Fertility Associates of Memphis. To start the application process simply complete our online egg donor pre-screening application. Please know that our minimum requirements for egg donation include the following:

  • You must be a healthy, non-smoking woman between the ages of 21-28.
  • All procedures will be done locally.
  • Compensation for your time is $4,000+ per donation.

To continue your egg donor application once you have started it, you can log in here (after you have set a password).

To speak to our egg donor coordinator, call our office at 901-747-2229, ext. 108.

The video below highlights the many benefits of becoming an egg donor through a frozen egg process.