Dr. Amelia Bailey On A Healthier Mid South Podcast

Dr. Amelia Bailey discussed infertility and reproductive health on a recent podcast Each Memphis fertility doctor at our practice is an expert in reproductive medicine and infertility, so it’s no wonder that Dr. Amelia Bailey was recently interviewed about these important topics on a podcast. For an episode of A Healthier Mid South Podcast, our Memphis fertility doctor discussed where to start on your journey…

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The heat is on–5 things you should avoid to protect male fertility

Hot summer days in Memphis are the perfect time to remind men about the effects of heat on male fertility Did you know that sperm are sensitive to high temperatures? Testicles are located outside of the human body because the ideal temperature for sperm production, and thus for male fertility, is about three to four degrees below the ideal human body temperature of 98.6°F. In…

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Male Infertility

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Optimizing Male Fertility

June is Men’s Health Month, so now is a great time to learn more about optimizing male fertility – especially since male infertility is so common. Of all couples struggling to get pregnant, approximately one-third have a problem regarding sperm production or function. Many times, such abnormalities can be identified through a semen analysis. In other cases, problems still exist with sperm even with normal…

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Fertilization through ICSI

When in vitro fertilization (IVF) was first established in 1978, the fertilization process was accomplished by placing sperm close to an egg and then waiting for fertilization to spontaneously occur. It was noted in these early days of IVF, though, that eggs often had poor fertilization rates with male factor infertility. Today, an assisted reproductive technology called ICSI, or intracytoplasmic sperm injection, has been developed…

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The ABCs of Semen Analysis

The ABCs of Semen Analysis A semen analysis is usually one of the first parts of a couple’s infertility work-up, and it’s a fairly simple test.  While many men cringe when they imagine a doctor’s office room with nothing but a sample cup, racy magazines, and lots of pressure, a semen analysis is critical in evaluating male fertility. In fact, problems with the sperm, or…

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