Zika virus puts pregnant women and newborns at risk

Zika Virus - Memphis Fertility

Brazil has dealt with a Zika virus outbreak since May 2015 The number of babies born with microcephaly has increased since the outbreak, and scientists are working to uncover the link between Zika and microcephaly, if one exists. The Zika virus is spread by the Aedes mosquito found in tropical regions, the same mosquito that transmits the chikungunya virus and dengue and yellow fevers. The Zika…

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Dr. Amelia Bailey

IVF patients at our Memphis fertility center should consider these healthy resolutions Memphis fertility specialist Dr. Amelia Bailey helps women and couples navigate the route to conception every day. With the coming new year, we talked to Dr. Bailey about what resolutions an IVF patient might make to better their health in body and mind. What healthy resolutions might you recommend to IVF patients? Dr….

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I’m Finally Pregnant! What Happens Next?

For many couples struggling with infertility and pregnancy loss, getting a positive pregnancy test is the moment they have been waiting for – sometimes for months or even years. The goal has been achieved, but now there’s a new set of questions: When should I be seen by my doctor? How do I know the baby is healthy? What happens next? Testing Hormone Levels Fertility…

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Prenatal Vitamins Before You’re Pregnant: Why it Matters

The Importance of Prenatal Vitamins If you’re trying to have a baby, you probably already know you should be eating a healthy diet to get the nutrients you need. But did you know it’s also important to take prenatal vitamins before you get pregnant? About Prenatal Vitamins Prenatal vitamins contain many of the same vitamins and minerals found in a daily multivitamin, but they usually…

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