Our Memphis fertility specialist says: “It’s an exciting time in reproductive medicine.”

Dr. Paul Brezina attended #ASRM2015 and says that the breakout sessions, research presentations and roundtables solidified what he knew coming in to the annual conference: Fertility Associates of Memphis consistently embraces and directly contributes to groundbreaking practices and protocols in reproductive medicine.

“Whether we are participants in an ASRM session or giving the talk, it’s a collaborative exchange of knowledge,” Dr. Brezina says.

Making a case for PGS with IVF at ASRM

Dr Paul Brezina - ASRM 2015At the meeting, Fertility Associates of Memphis physician Dr. William Kutteh moderated a debate asking the question: Is in vitro fertilization/preimplantation genetic screening useful for recurrent pregnancy loss?

“Dr. Kutteh and I wrote an opinion paper three years ago and we concluded that PGS was an effective course of treatment. During the ASRM session, Dr. Kutteh polled the audience with an interactive device and the overwhelming response, 84% of fertility specialists and embryologists in the room, agreed that we should employ PGS with IVF.”

The IVF lab at the Memphis fertility center has performed PGS for the past four years, taking a small biopsy of a developing embryo and testing it for aneuploidy. PGS offered to the right patient in a targeted way dramatically impacts pregnancy rates, Dr. Brezina says.

Dr. Kutteh and Dr. Brezina find PGS to be informative in diagnosing the causes of recurrent miscarriage, but the physicians won’t always recommend IVF or invasive fertility testing.

“When a couple with recurrent miscarriage has undergone all of the tests recommended in our guidelines, such as a physical exam, medical and family history and blood testing, we then look at lifetime predictive data and determine the chances for having a baby without aggressive intervention.”

Making IVF accessible and affordable

“Since the first U.S. birth in 1981, IVF has been transformative for our culture,” Dr. Brezina says. “Today, 1.5 million babies and 5% of all births are from IVF. It’s a privilege to be a part of people’s lives, and we are aggressively working to make fertility treatment accessible and available to as many people as possible.”

All of the fertility specialists in our Memphis clinic are committed to advancing the field of reproductive medicine for the benefit of our patients and a global infertility community. Contact us at Fertility Associates of Memphis to schedule a consultation.

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