We love a long guest list for the Miracle Baby party at the Memphis Zoo.

2-5cThe Fertility Associates of Memphis team is devoted to helping every couple overcome infertility so that they can join the bi-annual event. Some are still undergoing treatment; others can’t make it this year because they have a new Miracle Baby at home.

Nina and Guy Teach, parents of Kam, the winner of the cutest baby contest at the 2013 event, welcomed their second FAM baby last month, and we asked this mother of two to share her story.


“I never wanted to be that girl with a story.”

Nina says struggling with infertility for eight long years has forever changed her. She and her husband Guy, an internist in Memphis, knew right away that they wanted children, but didn’t realize that they would have trouble conceiving. Nina’s obgyn diagnosed her with PCOS after she had unsuccessfully tried to get pregnant.

Success with frozen IVF

After six failed IUIs with her obgyn, the couple partnered with Fertility Associates of Memphis and started their IVF journey with Dr. William H. Kutteh. After three fresh IVF cycles, the couple conceived, only to miscarry at 12 weeks.

After consulting with Dr. Kutteh, the Teaches decided to take a year off before their fourth IVF cycle. When they resumed treatment, the couple froze the resulting embryos and scheduled the transfer a month later to give Nina’s uterus time to normalize.

“We found success! Our son was born out of that first transfer in 2012, and we were finally able to achieve our lifelong dream as parents.”

When it was time to add to the Teach family, they scheduled another frozen embryo transfer, but were unsuccessful until, finally, there were only two remaining embryos.

Miracle babies are “worth every tear”

“We prayed and hoped for our little miracle. I remember Dr. Paul Brezina telling me that he would be shocked if at least one of these embryos didn’t result in a pregnancy. He was right!  I had my second son in April and our family is now complete!”

She says their little miracles were worth every trial, every tear, and that struggling with infertility helped build her faith. While grateful, this mother feels that infertility has been more challenging than any other negative life experience, in part because it is a silent disease, a silent grief: “You can’t tell who has it. You can’t tell that I have it.”

Her advice to other couples struggling with infertility is to stay full of hope and expectation. It’s very hard to watch others have what you desire most, she says, and there’s constant reminders everywhere, especially at Mother’s Day. But, don’t give up, she says. “Don’t stop believing. God’s power is limitless.”

If you are struggling with infertility, or are currently undergoing treatment, the staff and physicians at Fertility Associates of Memphis also remind you to keep the faith. Nearly 80 percent of people who partner with a fertility specialist will resolve their infertility. Contact us for a consultation.




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