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Mom acts as the incubator with this new, low cost IVF breakthrough

INVOCELL-DEVICE-IMAGELow cost IVF with a natural approach and fewer doctor visits? Yes, please. The team at Fertility Associates of Memphis attends an annual conference that presents the best and most innovative research, products and services to perfect getting and staying pregnant. This year, Dr. William Kutteh had his sights set on a low cost IVF protocol with INVOcell™. The treatment cuts the cost of IVF in half.

It’s a streamlined version of the traditional IVF process, and one that requires fewer medications and fewer trips to Fertility Associates of Memphis for bloodwork and ultrasounds. Plus, it’s a more natural approach to nurturing a new embryo. Rather than use a petri dish in the IVF lab to grow an embryo to Day 3-5, we can use a small, flexible device shaped like the tip of a tampon. The FDA approved the device in November 2015 that is described as an intravaginal culture system.

Fertility Associates of Memphis will soon offer this new low cost IVF choice

With any new protocol, our physicians have poured through the research and investigated the benefits and potential pitfalls. Recent studies show that natural incubation produced pregnancy success rates on par with traditional IVF, and that ICSI for severe male infertility can be incorporated into the process.

We are optimistic that Fertility Associates of Memphis will have this new low cost IVF option available in early 2017.

You may be a candidate for natural incubation if you meet the following criteria.

  • You are a young woman.
  • You have good ovarian reserve.
  • You respond well to lower medication dosages.

Watch as Dr. Kutteh describes the device that the American Society for Reproductive Medicine calls “a viable process for treating infertile patients.”


If you are resolved to end infertility and are interested in a new IVF approach that simplifies the process, please contact us. Fertility Associates of Memphis understands your strong desire to become a parent, and we will design a treatment plan that aligns with your goals.

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